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fake drama at it's finest

6/24/08 02:24 am - foxglovefur - Message for the "ghost with the most"

Long story short Beej, watch the video.

5/20/08 01:31 am - tauakhera - Rumor Question

Hey, it's Captain Jack. OOC I guess

Alright, I need something cleared up. 

I've heard hearsay through more hearsay that Foxglove dropped out of the tourny, and I have no idea wether that is true or if someone is just stirring shit up. I need some clarification.

I sure hope he hasn't; alot of work and preparation is going into this whole federation thing and hitting a rocky start like that would suck. 

So, I would prefer an official word from Foxglove himself about it, so certain folks can stop worrying about it, and figure out what to do if it is true. 

Here's hoping.

2/29/08 02:20 am - nekomonthetiger - Finished badge by my buddy Dramamine!!! 8D

Finished version of the badge i posted a few days ago! again, this is foreshadowing the events to come ;D

Booyah Suckafish!!!!Collapse )

2/25/08 04:49 pm - nekomonthetiger - Know your role!!

Hey deadman and glowstick boy!!! (mac_dragon, and foxglovefur)

just wanted to foreshadow something for the future!

So know your role, and Shut! your mouth!! You jabronies!


If ya smeeeeeeeeeellllalalallalaoooooow!!!! What the tigah...is cookin *raises eyebrow*

2/25/08 01:51 am - foxglovefur - Mr. MacFennec's Answer to HBJs Challenge


2/23/08 09:18 pm - mac_dragon - intro post (welcome to the FDF)

I know this is batshit insane, partially. But it's also been fun thus far, and I want to push this to epic levels of... well. I think this could be amazing.

So, this is the introduction post. I invited a few people. I had no idea I couldn't invite more, heh.

So, if you're interested in being a part of the FDF (be it a fan, a valet, a dancer, a general manager, a referee, a sign holder, an obnxious fan, etc) this is where you start.

Keep in mind this is all meant to be wrestling style, and ultimately, all in good fun. The trashtalking is cheesy, and over the top, but never malicious. The results are staged. If you end up being a titleholder, eventually, you're going to lose it.

This community is meant to pull together the people who are interested in perpetuating such a thing, and using it to discuss characters, "storylines" and the like.

Remember, you're not playing yourself. Come up with your character, your gimmick, hell, come up with your intro music. If you're interested in actually dancing, think of who your opponent would be. Would you have a manager? Could there be tag team dance-offs?

We're here to have fun, but also entertain. Think of your typical convention Masquerade/Variety show and put it on steroids. We're hoping to put on a more exciting show than the same lipsyncing/dancing acts we've all grown used to at cons.

Co-founders of the FDF are myself, and foxglovefur. Please respect all members of this community. Actual fighting will not be tolerated. This is all for LOL's, people.

Still want in? Leave me a comment here, tell me your vision for your FDF character.

One last thing: Keep Spoilers inside locked posts only, please.

What we look for in an FDF Superstar:

We need fun, outgoing characters! Must be able to DANCE! As an FDF Superstar you'd need to work with others and come up with fun and creative ways to keep this exciting! Please submit all ideas to community for discussion/approval. Every Champion will inevitably lose their title. Most importantly: NO REAL DRAMA!

still want in? Leave your answers to the following in a comment to this entry!
2.Manager/Valet: (if yes, who!)
3.Entrance Music (because everyone needs a theme, dammit):
5.Description (remember, this is a character, not you!):
6. Gimmick (everybody needs one!):
7.Conventions you plan to attend :

We don't just need superstars! Have you thought about these options?
Promoters, ring announcers, stunt/dance choreographers (to make sure everyone is safe), talent wranglers, fans/groupies (to talk some trash), a figurehead Commissioner character, artists, and people to help with A/V stuff. whew.

and did I mention no real drama?
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