fake drama at it's finest

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The One and Only home of the FDF.

Founders: HBJ (mac_dragon) and Mr McFennec(foxglovefur)

This entire community came about inadvertently, thanks to the now legendary Dance Competition at FWA 2008.

Beetlejuice danced to Britney Spears:

And ultimately lost to the glowstringing talents of Foxglove:

Beetlejuice (now calling himself HBJ) has challenged Foxglove to a rematch, for the FDF Dance Championship. It all goes down at Anthrocon 2008.

This community is for prospective FDF Superstars and fans alike. Here we have some rules, let us lay them down:

1. No real drama.

2. This is dancing, not fighting. And yes, we're serious.

3. When trash talking: No personal attacks, please maintain character integrity without being overly malicious. And a douche.

4. We're all friends here, so please try to get along. This isn't a clique. This is a group of people who want to entertain, put on a good show, and have some fun.

5. No unrehearsed bits. That's what the community is for.

6. Your FDF persona does not equal your actual persona. Try to keep it big, over the top and cartoonlike.

7. If you are a Champion, the belt must be carried/worn when IC, at all times. If you're the Champ, show some pride! Hold yourself to a higher standard!

8. You and your opponent must work out your own bit. We can help you, though! Feel free to post to the community for brainstorming purposes.

9. No Spoilers in unlocked entries, please. Friends-lock any entry that contains spoilers or proprietary information.

10. Have fun. This is dance-fighting, after all ;)

11. There is no #11, we just like one-upping top ten lists.